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This website is dedicated to helping you reach a vibrational match to who you were born to be.

To feel happy each and every day is a fundamental human right. Yet so many have forgotten how to be joyful and carefree.  Somehow, in growing up we lose our sense of self and along with more responsibilities our lives can feel a burden and living becomes mere existence.  Regardless of circumstances I believe that finding peace within is the answer to every negative issue. 

It’s always an inside job.  Our inner thoughts, beliefs and attitudes are all reflected in our outer world we call reality. The better we feel about ourselves then the better our circumstances will appear.  Whether it is health, finances or relationships, everything that we experience is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. 

Deciding to take responsibility for your health and general well-being is the first step, taking an holistic approach to the unique individual that you are.  We all interpret situations differently and what may cause you stress won’t affect another in the same way.  

If our major chakras are out of balance then negativity can start to permeate the physical body and this is when dis-ease can take hold. For true well-being we need a balance of all four aspects of ourselves, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  It seems that the (especially more Western) human experience has us concentrate on the physical and mental more than the emotional and spiritual aspects. But if emotions are left unexpressed then physical symptoms can start showing, as an outlet is needed for these emotions.  My work involves working on the main energy centres – the chakras, in bringing the balance needed for optimum health and well-being.

Beliefs are instilled in the first 7 years of life, positive or negative, so can be somewhat hard to discern, your reality though is the greatest indicator of what you think on a sub-conscious level.  I help bring the unconscious into the conscious, then you can start understanding what makes you, YOU.

I'll Not Ask Others to Become Different for Me... Let your Vibrational Escrow percolate, and you do your best to give it your undivided attention so that you become a Vibrational Match to it. And then, when the Law of Attraction brings all of it together and brings you, because you're a match, together with it - then there aren't any bugs to work out. Don't ask the person, or people, that helped you to define what you want to become what you want so that you can have what you want. (Oh, that was so good.) Instead, let them be the Step One part of it (the asking part). Use your willpower and your decision to focus upon what you want - and then the Universe will bring you what you want.




Everything is energy and everything has it’s own unique vibration - Happiness, Joy, Despair, Anger or Fear are all indicators of your thoughts and ultimately your vibrational set point.